The Perfect Body Ads Analysis

Sofeline Molin
Ms. Evens
23 November 2015

The Perfect “BODY” Our famous Victoria Secrets came out with a new ad campaign titled “The Perfect Body”. The ad campaign display ten models standing very tight together with their flat stomachs, long legs and a perfect glowing skin tone that match a brick of gold. The founder of Victoria Secrets is Roy Raymond who then sold the company over too Leslie H. Wexner. He created lingerie undergarments for women and his goals was to create something sexy, skimpy, and silky for women to not feel embarrass of themselves. Sadly the ad is clearly aiming at young woman that cannot achieve the “Perfect Body” image. This ad campaign is giving the ideal of body image and also making women feel
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Victoria secrets ads are very sexy. They have an ad that have this beautiful model wearing their new collections of bra. In big bold letters it says “NEW PERFECT ONE”, and after that it says “No One’s Perfect. Until Now”. Just because of the tittle this ad catches many woman attention. In other words its saying with that bra you can be perfect. If anyone wants to be perfect like the model then get this bra. Where is the empowerment in this ad? All it do is make a woman confidents go down and insecurities go up. Every industries knows that perfection doesn’t exist. But who cares, they the ones who making money, right. Instead of buying their product which make women’s feel less of themselves, women should stop helping industries make money out of …show more content…
Their goal is to make every woman feel confident and sexy in their own skin, but their commercial’s and ad campaign is saying something totally different. Who knew ads can do so much damage to a person. Victoria secrets is wrong in so many different level. They have models with long legs and no stomach, but still use Photoshop to match up to the ideal of a perfect body. Why you think guys dream girl is what they see in commercial and Ad campaign. Woman buy their products to feel beautiful and not recognizing that they are being manipulated. The perfect body is what you see in the mirror. Every women is beautiful and unique. No company or ad should rip anyone confidence. Women’s should laugh at the ads that telling them how they should look like because nobody want to look the same. It’s good to be different and beautiful at the same

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