The Percentage Of College Students Essay

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This study was undertaken to show the percentage of college students that manage their time studying in a part time job in Australia. The survey was taken in UWS college in Nirimba and were the contributes that had the questionnaire to be filled out. The results indicates the difference between boys and girls managing their time with studies and assessments when working part time. Therefore, comparing who participates more.
Part time work and college students can have an impact on time management and studies for assessments at the college. Lucas and Lammont (1998) stated that “under the age of 25 in full-time education and employment rose from 23% to 37%”. This establishes that students are increasingly getting into jobs and colleges much more and can have a meaningful effect on their studies which allows them to struggle combining their studies and assessments into the workforce and causing them to have difficulties in time management (Lucas and Lammont 1998).
Adding to that, Many students have combined their full time studies with a part time job and not attend. Remarkably the students aged 16 to 24 are more likely to not participate in employment in 1996. Therefore, student’s participation ranks were higher and increased by (21%) which allowed students to lack off in their studies and work environment. Thus, teenagers aged 16- 17 years of age were the highest number of group for participation (62%) (Lucus and Lammont).
On the other hand, generally college…

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