The People Of God Essay examples

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As the people of God, a person of faith, and part of a community parish called and committed to serve and speak for those who may be voiceless, who need a vision of hope, who need the way, the truth, and the life to conquer and have victory this day and always in and through Christ. You and I are most privileged just like the apostle Paul and others to be heralds, helpers, and herders leading one another to search, to seek, and see Jesus active, abiding, and abundant in all things of heaven and earth. As God’s servant’s and stalwarts, we know from our relationship, redemption, and resurrected in Christ and his grace and glory; we are and have been surely blessed by our Lord’s bountiful gifts and because of that we are indeed thankful and appreciative, yet quite aware of our responsibilities and resolutions day by day to work in his fruitful vineyard and Kingdom to share and shine the light and life of the gospel good news everywhere.
Reading, hearing, and investing ourselves Into the Holy Scriptures of God, we learn lessons of what to do and not to do. In other words, we are given a second chance, to start anew with a fresh beginning. So often, we are reminded that Christ Jesus our Lord is our mediator and mercy, the means of grace, goodness showing us the path and perseverance of faith and life. God knows you very well, and he knows me very well. Yes, he gives us his treasure every day, his tenderness, and his trust, saying to us, “You did not choose me, but I chose…

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