The Peer Review Of Prism By Derek Valleck

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What’s Working The pace of the action. It was 13 pages but I was engaged that I barely noticed. The faster the pace of actions, the faster I read. The relationship between Lena and Jacque was so cuddly. Fit for fantasy and it had a hint of realistic to it! Is Lena following in her father’s footsteps? Leaving people behind?
Central Characters The central characters are the heroic trio Lena, Jacque, and Cleanser John. They are up against Lord Furvus and his army. In the village they met the head of the village who has the cursed object. The characters are quite believable. Lena still has the traits that were brought from growing up in her environment which comes to light in the new experiences in the village of Parish. Jacque is supportive
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If the order was done as it was as in the timeline then it probably wouldn’t have much of a draw as it did. The opening paragraph shows the outcome of the past actions which gives an idea of what happened. There isn’t anything I would consider altering. I’m looking forward to reading the rest and seeing what happens next.
Peer Review of “Prism” by Derek Valleck
What’s Working “She believed parties are where fake people trying to live out their fake lives come to congregate.” Yes, fake people at parties. I already like this character. In some ways the situation reminds me of the series the OA, Touch, and a few others. What is Prismatic? Not really a word that many come across everyday but the mystery of it is alluring.
Central Characters Kiera the one who have kept faith in her sister while everyone has fallen. Natalie who is everything she wasn’t. Quite aligning on the stereotype of a straight “A” student. Eloise who gives her the book. Kiera’s sister Amelia who goes missing and causes a 5-year wave through the community. Kiera has a life of her own. She’s fighting against what is happening to her by going to therapy. It’s also including how they have changing over the past 5 years. There are some that don’t and those who do. Has Amelia changed as well?

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