Essay on The Pay Per Click Model

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The Pay Per Click Model In this paper I will be examining the advertising product known as pay per click advertising. I will begin by defining the product model, then briefly look at the history of pay per click, by discussing how and when the concept was developed. I will continue by looking at the changes made to the model, its current state, and finally I will concider what the future holds for this type of advertising. Pay per click advertising is a product model that directs traffic to a website. Pay per click ads can be found at the top, bottom, or down the right hand side of a website or search engine’s results. Although they are clearly labeled as ads the concept of the pay per click model is to ensure exposure with a place of prominence on the first page of results. Unlike previous forms of advertising that charged per impression, a set price for every time the ad was displayed, for example, pay per click customers only pay when their ad is clicked on. Ultimately, only paying when the advertisement is successful at directing traffic to the chosen website (SEO Logistics, 2013). When searching on Google to find information on pay per click advertising, both the top of my search results and the bottom were both advertisements. Essentially, the position above and below my results are occupied by ads targeting me for the content I am looking up. In this case, consultants who provide services establishing and managing pay per click campaigns.…

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