Camila Santos Cognitive Assessment

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Reason for Referral
The parents and teacher of Camila Santos requested a cognitive assessment due to the decrease in her academic performance. Her parents and teacher noticed a great concerns regarding her ability to perform nonverbal reasoning. She started the school year with great enthusiasm. However, the last four months of school have been very difficult for Camila. Her grades have incredibly decreased. The results of this assessment will help the teacher, Camila and her parents decide whether Camila needs additional academic support. Background Information and Record Review
Camila Santos is a 11-year-old, 6th grade student at Montpellier Elementary School. Camila’s attends school on a regular basis. She enjoys extracurricular activities,
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This test battery measures different intellectual and cognitive abilities that are only a portion of the competencies involved in human intelligence. Intelligence tests are designed to assess ability in a variety of areas such as acquired skills and specific knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and memory. Scores obtained on intelligence tests can provide a likely estimate of performance in school. However, these tests do not measure such important factors as creativity, curiosity, persistence, and motivation. The WISC-V yields a Full Scale Intelligence Quotient (IQ) along with five additional composite scores: Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI), Visual Spatial Index (VSI), Fluid Reasoning Index (FSI), Working Memory Index (WMI), and Processing Speed Index (PSI). An average standard score (SS) is 100 and an average range of scores falls between 90 and 109, according to the WISC-V classification scheme. A percentile rank indicates that a student performed as well as or better than (above) that percent of children his/her age on whom this test was normed. The confidence interval is a range of scores that is often calculated at the .05 level and suggests that statistically, the student’s score should fall within that range 95% of the time if retested in that area. The table outlines the composite …show more content…
Her overall cognitive ability falls within the low average range (FSIQ=87). Camila showed her best performance on tasks that assessed visual spatial (VSI=108). She demonstrated her weakest performance in processing speed (PSI=80) tasks. The current assessment results indicate that Camila’s overall cognitive abilities are not consistent with age-appropriate expectations, suggesting that Camila should be experiencing difficulties with performing school related tasks. Summary:
Camila Santos is a 6th grade student at Montpellier Elementary School who was referred for a psychological evaluation due to concerns regarding his lack of progress in her academics. She is a very bright young lady and it was easy to establish a rapport. Camila was very cooperative during the first part of the test. Towards the last three subjects of the test she breezed through the questions. She was easily distracted by the noise level of the classroom besides us. Therefore, in my opinion, because of the distractions in the testing environment I do not believe that these results truly reflect Camila’s cognitive ability (FSIQ=87). Further assessments are needed to determine Camila’s cognitive skills, strengths and

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