The Parent Trap Conflict Analysis

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An example of conflict in The Parent Trap is when Nick Parker - the father - has to make a choice between his fiance and his children. However, the main conflict of Parent Trap was Nick Parker and Elizabeth James getting divorced after having twin girls. Nick and Elizabeth originally thought that things would be better off if they lived in separate households and raised their half of the twins as a single parent. They each took one child, but, as the girls grew up each began wondering about the other parent. Eventually, the kids conveniently met at a summer camp, and desired both conspired and desired a life together with both parents in one household. The twins, Hallie and Annie, grew up in separate households with either mom or dad - and had little to no knowledge of the other parent or sister, which poses a major problem. If Hallie and Annie had never met, they would have continued to wonder what happened between their parents to make them divorce. Another consequence would have been that the girls would not know they had a twin sister. Also, if Nick and …show more content…
Seth and Jessica Stein are not very emotionally involved when it comes to raising their children. This leads to them outsourcing, and hiring people to fill those roles. The maids act as a “nurturing” mother, and they even go as far as to hire a fake dad, Bill. Bill’s role is play ball with their son and do “daddy-type things.” On a less extreme note, but still the same idea, Nick hires Chessy to be his housekeeper. However, Chessy is really more of a mother to Hallie. She cooks her her favorite meals, she is there to listen to her, and Chessy is the first person to notice that the girl that came home from summer camp was not the girl she had helped raise for eleven years. Even though Nick is more involved in his daughter’s life than the Steins are in their kids lives, he still hires someone for most of the

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