The Parent Trap : An Athlete 's Development Essay

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Parents contribute positively to an athlete’s development because of the sacrifices they do and being positive role models. In the article The Parent Trap the author use various literary devices to show loss. The author uses visual imagery and a metaphor to display the amount of baggage a parent must carry for their child. “His eyes sported five pound bags, his right hand was bandaged and bloody and his face was sunk like a bad soufflé.” The author visually displays the act of sacrifice a parent provides for their child. A parent would be ‘bandaged and bloody’ just to see their child be happy. Likewise a parent must give up time to fit their child’s busy schedule, including family time, “so pretty soon I got no life. Family dinners? Forget it. Every meal is in the car – right handed Taco Bell.” One can infer that the lives of the parents are very busy because of the regular trips they make to ‘Taco Bell’. This shows that their lives are centered on their kid’s athletic lives. Furthermore, the author states their role in their child’s academic life. Since the child is busy in sports they do not have any time for school work. “Then at night Ashley is so tired we end up doing her homework! And were getting C’s”. This is ironic because the parents are still getting C’s despite finishing school. The parents show determination and effort because they do not want their child to fail or fall behind. Similarly, The Parent Trap and The Lipinski Who Was Left Behind both sacrifice for…

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