The Pains And Penalties Bill Essay

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The Pains and Penalties Bill that strips a divorced women of the property and inheritance of her husband did not exist until 1820. In 1820 King George IV proposed this bill because of his wife Caroline of Brunswick who had been well paid and permitted to be separated from Georg, tried to come back and assume the throne after he was made King of Great Britain and Ireland.
Divorce was not a possibility unless one or more parties were guilty of adultery.. Neither party usually admitted to it . But a husband or a wife could accuse their spouse of such a crime and sin. George had the bill introduced to Parliament in an attempt "to deprive Her Majesty Queen Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of the Title, Prerogatives, Rights, Privileges, and Exemptions of Queen Consort of this Realm; and to dissolve the Marriage between His Majesty and the said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth." The bill charged Caroline with of adultery with a man named Bartolomeo Pergami, "a foreigner of low station". If this was all true she had forfeited her rights to be queen consort. After months of much emotional turmoil and debated the committee voted to withdraw the bill due to its effect on the public .
Divorce would be ruled and because the church had such a heavy hand on the lives of the people of Medieval England. Priest would counsel couples trying to convince them to stay together. If individuals were able and willing to endure the trouble they would have to suffer the public shame that came with defying…

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