Essay on The Pain Of Blood Running

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Crawling, the stream of blood running into my mouth distracting me from getting to the phone. Slowly I feel my mind slipping, and the only thing I can think of is reaching the phone before I go unconscious. The pounding of my heart beat is exhausting, but I am in reach of the phone. With everything left in me, I dial the only number I can remember anymore. Each ring seems to take longer and longer, but over my heartbeat I heard a faint “Hey Nanny”. My words came out shattered, incoherent, and what I said was, “It’s dripping”. Lying on the floor, incapable of holding the phone any longer, it dropped to my side. I was able to hear the panicking on the other line. “Mom! It’s Nanny!” I said as I panicked from what I had just heard my grandma, Nanny. My mom replied with, “What, what does she need?”. “All she said was that ‘It’s dripping,’” I said. Yelling to my dad, my mom said, “Tom! Get in the car we’re heading over to Mom’s house. I think she’s hurt. Katie, don’t hang up the phone, keep talking to her!”. My dad, mom, brother Sam, and I all jumped in the car and rush over to Nanny’s house, which is luckily only five minutes away. With sweaty palms, I gripped the phone, and pressed it to the side of my face, listening to Nanny’s faint breathing. Before the panic later that day, I woke up, meandered down to the kitchen, and sat down in front of a warm stack of pancakes. Sitting next to me was my grandma, Nanny. It wasn’t an odd occasion for Nanny to be over on the…

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