The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Essay example

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Health Promotion
Health promotion is a method of enabling people to increase control and improve their health and its determinants. In order for an individual or group to reach a place of complete mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being they must be aware of their aspirations/needs in everyday life and in order to survive in their environment. Health promotion is not just the promotion of living a healthy lifestyle but the whole wellbeing of an individual or group. It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour and towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions (McMurray and Clendon, 2011). Health promotion is often about raising levels of awareness of disease/health issues and prevention, such as advertisements on drunk driving or smoking. Health Education on the other hand is increasing the knowledge an individual or group has on health in order to influence their attitudes, such as teaching hand washing at schools (Understanding health, 2011).

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion is an agreement signed at the First International Conference on Health Promotion. The meeting took place in Ottawa 1986, and was organised by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2014). The conference was primarily a response to growing expectations for a new public health movement around the world. Within Ottawa charter here are five 5 key action areas for health promotion. These are building healthy public policy, creating supportive environments for health,…

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