The Other Wes Moore : One Name Essay examples

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The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates
Wes Moore was an influential speaker that spoke about making a difference and going after what you truly believe in. Wes Moore didn’t have an easy life, but he made the most of his life. Some of the main topics he discussed were decisions and who influences them, how higher education isn’t about the degree or major but is about how you leave your mark and remembrance. Nobody will remember your degree a few years down the road. If you have sacrificed and loved then you have done everything you’ve ever been asked to do and that is the true meaning of higher education. Another important question that arose was “Who did you chose to advocate for or fight for?” This is a question that lasts and I pondered on it for a while. As I sat in the arena, I thought to myself who do I fight for? I did not come up with anyone. I told myself from now on I will start advocating for others.
Some things that made an impact on me were when Wes was talking about which path you chose to take in life. There is no specific answer; the choice is up to you. We are given many paths to take in life and it is up to us to follow the good or the bad paths. You have a chance to make something of yourself by choosing the correct path. Another thing that made an impact on me was when Wes talked about expectations and how they matter. Expectations come from expectations that people form for us and they are “products of our expectations.” The most impact that Wes…

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