Essay The Origins Of The United States

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The route the first Americans took to North America is still a controversy. One of the most widely known is that they traveled to Beringia from Siberia on a land bridge that was between Asia and North America. This theory is that there used to not be water between these two continents, and the first people to come to America was on accident, due to exploration for hunting purposes. If this were true it would be an answer to one of Americas longest standing questions. Where did the Native Americans come from? The Bering Land Bridge is still only a theory, however if true, its reflects were Americas first settlers arrived from and supports facts of continental migration, a widely known theory and to some people proven fact.

Among the first Native American tribes to come in contact with the English settlers, the Iroquois were the most peculiar. They practiced things different than the other tribes. One of the main differences was that the Iroquois are responsible for the formation of the Five Nations. The Five Nations included the Mohawks, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Seneca. They held council meetings and took votes on rules and customs for each tribe. This was not how any other tribe acted. The Iroquois also treated their women better than other tribes. Women were actually viewed as important and had the power to choose the men on the council.

Sir Walter Raleigh and his brother were the first people to create English colonies in the New World. However, that is not the…

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