A Kingdom Strange Analysis

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A Kingdom Strange uncovers the mysterious story from England's early explorations into the New World. In the novel, James Horn writes a detailed account of the lost colony, Roanoke. Thoroughly researched, Horn’s novel sheds new light on the colony’s social backgrounds of the settlers, and he offers a theory about what could have happened. A Kingdom Strange provides a vivid, detailed account of the historical facts many don’t know about. While combining historical facts with historical fiction, Horn does an influential job ensuring that the reader understands the struggle between Spain and England, as well as the misfortune of the first settlers.
This short but informative history of not only a lost, but mostly forgotten, early American colony is certainly a worthwhile read. In 1587 John White lead 118 men, women, and some children to the America's with the goal of establishing a colony on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay (on
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A satisfying recounting of some of the earliest American history. With impressive research and nuanced understanding of early Virginia, James Horn has crafted a vivid and lucid account of the mysterious history of the lost colony of Roanoke. A Kingdom Strange delivers the definitive treatment of a fascinating story from England's earliest explorations in the New World, a story long on speculation and intrigue, but until now, short on evidence and historical truth." With deep research and precise prose, James Horn has come closer to finding the 'lost' English colonists of Roanoke than any previous historian. A Kingdom Strange, a superb reconstruction of grand dreams and dashed hopes, overflows with new insights about the very real human consequences of the encounter between Europeans and Native

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