Essay On Land Bridge Theory

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In the beginning when I started this class I had so many questions, that I couldn’t wait to get the answers to. One of my questions was, who were the first people to arrive to America? When did the first migrants arrive in America. Another curiosity dealt with me wanting to know more information on Beringia and when it was uncovered and available for others to travel. I am eager to provide the history of the Bering Land Bridge Theory. Thankfully after doing some thorough research I discovered some fascinating information.

Australia’s first settlers arrived through boat more than 40,000 years ago, at this time the land bridge between Sunda and Sahul did not exist. The northeast Asians might have done the same during
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Even though there are other possibilities that other migrated routes existed in America, the significance of prehistoric Beringia and the part it portrayed in “The Peopling of the Americas” in my opinion, considered to be incontestable. The first considerable empirical evidence to support the land bridge theory started with the findings of the spear points located by Clovis, New Mexico during the early 20th century. They could describe the variety of objects made by human beings, identical to the artifacts located in Beringia. Radiocarbon dating has identified these spear points to be more than 13,500 years old. Many archaeologist have taken this information and considered it factual evidence of the Bering land bridge theory and a timeline of early migration into America. Following the findings of other artifacts that resemble Clovis in the different regions of the Southwestern U.S. This provided additional proof for the theory and timeline. In today’s society, the Beringia theory continues to be a significant archaeological life

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