The Other Side Of The Bridge Analysis

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Tragic turn of life
Loss, pain and suffering are stepping stones, slowly building and shaping an individual’s life. These tragic events help transform life, in sometimes drastic ways, that it has the power to mold and often determine one’s destiny itself. In the book, The Other Side of the Bridge, Mary Lawson incorporates this by demonstrating how tragic events continuously play a major role in shaping the destiny of the central characters. Despite the fact that traumatic events scar Ian Christopherson and Arthur Dunn for life, these incidents help them achieve what fate has set in store for them. On the contrary, such events cause a drift in the lives of two brothers, Jake Dunn and Arthur Dunn, defying whatever had been predestined for them.
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In her analysis of The Other Side of the Bridge, novelist Louise Doughty says, “Arthur and Jake could not be more different as siblings and those differences will only magnify as they grow older and lead - relentlessly - to tragedy.” (Doughty). This displays how inevitable it is for these brother to avoid catastrophes that will befall them. The biggest tragedy that can occur between family members is misunderstanding. Arthur is unable to understand Jake’s motive behind his actions, “His expression was one of surprise, and this was something that Arthur wondered about later too” (Lawson 6) and “What had Jake been trying to achieve? A suspicion came to him after the event” (Lawson 51). This misunderstanding directs Arthur into build a wall against Jake and always have doubts in his actions. In the process making a rift in what could have been a beautiful and loving relationship between brothers. Another incident that leads to the drift between the brothers is Jake’s endless desire to demonstrate his superiority. This occurs when Jake is trying to win Laura, who is Arthur’s love, to his side. When Jake begins to understand that Arthur has feeling toward Laura, he begins his conquest to woe her and display his supremacy, “… as he saw Jake notice it, saw the light dawn, saw him simile, Arthur knew what was going to happen” (Lawson 263). This act by …show more content…
Emily Donaldson writes, “Children forced to cope in the absence of their parents” (Donaldson), this is one of the most important theme and also acts as a tragic event in the lives of the central characters, Ian Christopherson and Arthur Dunn, motivating them to follow their destiny. In addition, the realization of the importance of friends and family also plays an important role in carving the path to their destiny. Tragedies often worked against destiny, which was observed in the lives of Arthur and Jake Dunn when “small, unimportant event” (Lawson 338), led to dreadful consequences. As a result, tragedies show their dominance over

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