The Origin Of Food And Food Preservation Essay

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Anchovies are common oily fish from the Engraulidae family, containing 144 species. These small fish reside in saltwater. As forage fish, anchovies are a frequent food source for predators, such as larger fish, marine mammals, birds, and even humans (Shiffman, 2014). In terms of the identification of anchovies in our diet, these fish are named differently depending on the country and the processing method. For instance, dried anchovies are called niboshi in Japan and jeotgal in Korea.
The preparation of anchovies varies based on the country in which they are processed. Although the origin of anchovies as food is obscure, evidence shows that these fish were used in Ancient Rome to form a common fermented fish sauce, known as garum. Conversely, the provenance of this condiment originates from Ancient Greece. Thus, anchovies are assumed to have originated in the Mediterranean more than 2500 years ago (Bacha et al, 2014).
Throughout history, societies have evolved to discover and incorporate new methods of cooking and food preservation. As Stuart Thorne mentions in “The History of Food Preservation”: salting, drying, and smoking are the earliest food conservation procedures. Furthermore, he explains that primitive food processes varied based on different regions in the world. For example, populations in northern areas preserved fish and meat through drying, salting, and smoking, since they needed to prepare for winter, during which food was severely scarce. On…

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