An Analysis Of Dumpster Diving By Lars Eigner

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In his article on Dumpster Diving, Lars Eigner, was trying to make people aware of the usefulness of the items that were so often discarded as garbage. For example, you may have an old pair of shoes that you no longer wear because you have so many. You don’t see a need for them any more so you toss them in the trash. Someone who dumpster dives finds the same shoes and can see the usefulness in them. We often take things for granted because they are so easily replaceable.
Dumpster diving is the act of searching through someone else’s pre-owned items that they now consider garbage for items that can be recycled or that you may find useful. We often throw items away that we no longer are using or find useful. These items can be useful and valuable
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Food should be examined with the senses before consumption. How does the food look? How does it smell? This is just two of the questions that you should ask yourself before consuming the food. Canned items can usually be considered safe. They should be examined for dents and bulges. If dents and bulges are present, you should avoid that canned item. Food items are often discarded because the sale-by date has approached. This does not mean that the food is bad, it is just a suggested date that the item should be eaten by in order to enjoy the maximum freshness. These items can often be safely eaten several days past the sale-by date. Perfectly good food items are often discarded for slight imperfections.
Eighner learned several lessons as a dumpster diver. One of those being that many people must dumpster dive in order to just survive. They scavenge for food and clothing. You should never take more than you can use or need at the time. A dumpster diver should use common sense when deciding what to take and use, and you should not spoil the site for the next
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A diver will often go through feelings of disgust with the whole process. They then begin to move through to understanding that people often throw away perfectly good items. They overcome their shyness about what they are doing and find it exciting. The diver will see the potential value in the items that are scavenged; finally, at this point they are hooked. So, get out there and find your

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