Essay on The Opening Night Of Much Ado About Nothing

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I attended the opening night of Much Ado About Nothing on September 22nd in the Russell H. Miller Theatre. I saw posters for the play hanging in Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center, Cherry Hall, and outside the theatre. Upon entering, I was given a program with the exposition, characters, and actors’ names. As I walked to my seat, the lights were on, the set was onstage, and “folksy harp music” was playing, or as a classmate described it “Italian bistro music.” The set gave a “Greek” feel with cream columns and walls, and palm trees were behind the set in front of the cyclorama. I could tell the setting was in a European town close to the beach, which is close to the actual setting of Messina, an Italian coastal city.
This Shakespearian comedy focuses most on two cousins, a prince, and the prince’s two friends. The prince serves as a wingman to his friends in order to get them wives, while the prince’s half-brother tries to thwart the prince’s plans, weaving two plot lines together. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the play because it was entertaining, and I like Shakespeare, especially since this was the first comedy of his I have seen. However, since Shakespeare utilizes word play, it’s important to hear each word in order to catch the subtle jokes, and I could not always hear the actors in this staging. I am not sure if the issue is due to the theatre’s acoustics or the actors’ performances. There were times, especially in the first few scenes, when the actors were not projecting…

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