Essay On The Character Of Leonato In Much Ado About Nothing

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In Shakespeare’s play Much Ado about Nothing, each character was developed perfectly in order to fully present the plot at hand. As an author, Shakespeare carefully planned the usage and characteristics of each character in his play. He used language, comedy, and the personal attributes of each character to really develop them in his writing. After continuing to read more of Shakespeare I see that he not only did this for Much Ado About Nothing, but he makes sure he develops his characters carefully, but also perfectly for the plot at hand. In Much Abo About Nothing, there were many characters that I feel Shakespeare carefully took his time developing. Two characters that stood out the most were Beatrice and Benedick. These two witty characters were always ready to take things far with their arguments and smart comments. He …show more content…
Through the language that Shakespeare decided to use with Leonato’s character we can see that he is sort of the person who keeps the play advancing. He may not have had one of the main roles but he was able to interact directly with every main character in the play. Which shows that Shakespeare did want his role to be that of importance, which we could also tell by his position of power in the play. Leonato was probably the first character introduced in the play, and the one who introduced the audience other characters. Through language we could see that Leonato was socially lower in class than Don Pedro but his social statues was higher than the other characters in the play. With that being said I thought that he would probably have a more major role in the play since he was a well-respected man, but I feel that Shakespeare did it this way so Leonato would be kind of on the outskirts but also on the inside as well. I feel that through the development of his character Shakespeare rather not really insert him as much, but I’m not sure

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