Theme Of Deception In Much Ado About Nothing

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Has someone in your life ever found a way to deceive you? In some cases deception can be beneficial for others; however, in other cases deception could be a way of someone trying to ruin your life. In the play, “Much Ado About Nothing,” playwright William Shakespeare gives us five examples of deception that contribute to the play’s theme: love will always have moments that are deceitful and treacherous. Throughout the plot of the play, Shakespeare has characters find ways to scheme one another with the purpose of creating new love or causing trouble in relationships. The first example of deception is shown when Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio speak about how Beatrice is “madly in love” with Benedick. This is part of Don Pedro’s …show more content…
The audience can recall this deception worked from the Friar 's scheme. Claudio now feels sorrow and regret. Shakespeare wants the audience to be conscious of the significance of Claudio’s regret which uncovers the use of deception by Claudio modifying his perspective from the past. He realizes that Don John is the problem and Hero, literally, did nothing nothing wrong. When Benedick confronted Claudio about the whole Hero being “dead” fiasco he said, “You are a villain… you have killed a sweet lady, and her death shall fall heavy on you” (5.1, 140-143). This accusation from Benedick made Claudio feel bad. He discerns for the first time how serious Benedick is acting. Benedick’s tone truly sounds solemn. Shakespeare shown the audience a new side of him. And Shakespeare continued to formulate the play’s dramaticness, similar to his intensive style of writing. As a result, Shakespeare shows deceptiveness affecting treacherous moments of love. To conclude, “Much Ado About Nothing” exhibited how deception contributed to the play 's theme of love having moments that can be deceitful and treacherous. Ultimately, Shakespeare used five examples of deception in the play for the sake of conveying this intended theme. His intense style of writing enacted the dramatic moments of love. Shakespeare 's style of deception continues to be of interest to the modern

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