Essay on The On The Shopping Power

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Three documents used to answer my research question. The documents were selected based on their contents and relevance to my work. For instance, the documents were drives from different sources and were classified based on their type. First type was driven from popular culture document. Here, I used two sources one is an article published online in the New York time in 2012 and other is a three stories of bloggers at the official website of the whole food (WF). The both documents are relevant to my research question. For example, the article focus on the shopping power while the stories were used to convey a message about the WF products and in the advertisements purpose. In addition to popular culture document, I used another document from visual materials. Here, I used four pictures from the WF official website dates in 2015. This images were captured by using the print screen option to print each picture. The four picture are covering the entire first page of the WF website. All of them provides different information for visitors or potential customers. Their selection were based on their contents and possible answer to my RQ. For instance, the website use a specific strategy to attract more customers and from that we can examine environmental awareness role in attracting more shoppers at WF stores.
Authenticity: as I mentioned before I am using two types of documents.
1-Popular culture documents:
1-1-the first document was an online article published in New York Times…

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