The On The Flipped Classroom Essay

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If someone were to ask a group of people what word students everywhere dread to hear the most, they could feel fairly confident that a common response would be “homework.” In the last eight years, however, a new system of teaching that seems to eliminate homework from students’ lives has become more popular among teachers. In the “flipped classroom” or “inverted classroom” system, homework is done in class with the teacher present, while lectures are watched through videos at home. Some teachers rave over the benefits of this system while other teachers doubt the flipped classroom’s benefits and find it more time consuming than helpful. Much like their teachers, students have mixed opinions on the flipped classroom method and its impact on their grades. Regan Boyd, a student at Union High School in a flipped Algebra II class “loves that (she) can work at (her) own pace and doesn’t have to spend half of class listening to the teacher explain something (she) already knows” (Boyd). Bri Stevens, another student in the same class had the opposite opinion, stating that “the flipped classroom is so annoying. It’s taken the human element out of teaching, which has brought my grade down” (Stevens). While both of these students are in the same class, they have extremely different perspectives of the flipped classroom due to their learning styles. Some students, learn better through the videos and can move at a faster pace, while others learn better when taught one on one at a slower…

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