Essay on The Olympic Games : History And Deep Meaning

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The Olympic games are of rich history and deep meaning. The first Olympic games were in 776 BC, on the great plains of Olympia, Greece. The Ancient games were nothing like they are today however, the history of what happened between now and then is what makes our modern games so great.

It is the summer of 776 BC in Greece, the male athletes line up to run “The Stadion” on the plains of Olympia behind the Palace of Zeus. In the ancient games there was only one event, and only men were permitted to part take in it. “The Stadion” was a foot race, most alike to the modern 200-meter sprint, which still happens ever 4 years in the modern games. As the years of the ancient games went on, less traditional athletic events were introduced like combat and wrestling, however the games were still only for men. The theme of sportsmen ship was born in these early games. All city’s and participants wanting to compete must pause wars and conflict with anyone they were to be competing with. This act of putting conflict aside in the name of sport is something still taught all over the world today, and especially in the modern games.

Something many people do now know is that the games were as much about religion and ritual as they were about sport. Ritualistic sacrifice was a very real part of the Olympic games back then. Sacrifices were made in the name of Zeus, a Greek god, at some of the opening sermonise in the early games. The lavish opening sermonise that you see today at the games…

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