Essay on The Ole Miss

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Group In my class second semester I experienced being in a class group and we had to find information on the history of Ole Miss. This group had four people in it and each one of us had a part to do in this project. In this project we were assigned different years during the time Ole Miss was established until the present years today. We had to log our information and put together a presentation to do in front of our other peers. We came together like a task group and put together a great presentation. This group was more a formed class group that included a lot of research.
Communication/Interaction Pattern In our class group communication/interaction was a huge part for each of us without it we would have not got anything done. We would get into our groups and communicate so we would know if the project was coming along right. When interacting in our groups we discussed the new items that we had found to put in our reflection paper and in our presentation. The leader would start the discussion and the rest of us followed in behind her. If there is more than one leader in a group it would have become a problem. There should be only one leader but everyone should have a part in the project. Communication and interacting becomes a problem if there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians in a group. We made sure that we followed the leader and listened to her ideas and she listen to ours as well. Some groups intend to get subgroups or isolated in there groups. The…

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