The Older Americans Act ( Oaa ) Essay

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The Older Americans Act (OAA) was enacted by congress in 1965 and was signed into law by former President Lynden Johnson. OAA generated the groundwork to coordinate and provide community-based services and supports for older adults and their families. Its mission is extensive: “to help older people maintain maximum independence in their homes and communities and to promote a continuum of care for the vulnerable elderly” (nhpf, 2012).
Aging is an uncontrollable process in life. It is defined as the process of getting old and the population that is affected is those who are 65 and older. The increasing number of older adults in the United States deals with economic, social, political and psychological stresses. Even though, some people never reach the age of 65, 75 or above, others have illnesses if they do. However, more and more people are living healthy lives well into their 90s and older. There are several changes that take place in the human body as it ages: vision and hearing declines, the skin and blood vessels become less flexible, the muscle strength lessens and there is an overall decline in body tone. Therefore, policies are created to cater to the needs of the older population and to help them in all areas of their life so that they can age well.
In order to understand the resources that are necessary to age well, we must change our focus from problems associated with aging to strengths that are associated with aging. Aging well “becomes possible when we minimize…

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