The Observation And Evaluation Process Essay

775 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
I can empathize with teachers who say that the observation and evaluation process does not seem reciprocal in nature. Most of my follow-up evaluations have either been waived or conducted in five minutes or less in which the principal hits upon the highlights of my observation. Very few teaching lessons have been learned through these interactions. In her article though, Shelly Arneson includes sound practices that can be implemented to alleviate many of the concerns of the evaluation process. Her basic premise is to shift the dialogue from inspection-based conversation to a reflection-based conversation. She gives several examples of how this could work in a real-life evaluation process. She says that the focus of the reflection-based conversation should be on the data collected during the observation (Arneson, 2015). I can understand how shifting the focus to the data collected could make the evaluation process much more effective for the teacher and the administrator. Several years ago in our monthly intervention reading meetings, we found that the meetings were lasting far too long and needed to be streamlined. As our team looked through past meetings, we discovered that teachers spent a great deal of time talking about how they felt about the student in question and engaging in other non-academic conversations. We decided that for these short monthly intervention meetings, only data for the student would be discussed. This had an amazing effect on the…

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