Reflective Teacher Reflection

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Reflection is viewed as a process of becoming aware of one’s context, of the influence of societal and ideological constraints on previously taken-for-granted practices, and gaining control over the direction of these influences.

It seems that all theories admit that teacher reflection is necessary and it comes with experience. What is essential about reflection is to recognize the origin and impact of your own origin systems, values and interpretations of what determine a professional teacher. Of course it is not easy to reflect on yourself. It is very important to be objective, and more open to other perspectives and interpretations.

1.5. Framework and procedures
In order to put all approaches together Pollard (2005) created one universal structure that will cover both theories namely: Schön’s and Dewey’s and established framework that consist of seven characteristics.
The first aspect is that reflective teaching
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Even whilst sessions, I have been told that not every time but sometimes it was visible that, I did not know what to do or how to behave. Reflection made me more aware of how important preparation for classes is. The strengths, which I have noticed about my performances, were that even though I have always been thinking that I talk a lot while teaching, for the first time I saw that it is actually not true. What is more while reflection sessions I have been told that gradually with every microteaching session I eliminated the ‘irrelevant teacher talk’. Apart from that, I have noticed that I tend to repeat certain actions even though sometimes they are not successfully presented. For example drawing on white board, I was always aware of the fact that I am not very talented so that is why I should not use hand-made pictures because students may not see or understand what it presents, albeit, I was doing my best to draw it

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