Urban Classroom Observation

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In urban school districts it is important to establish primary goals and make sure all teacher are well rounded when it come to the evaluation process. This will aide them in becoming better prepared with multicultural awareness, student engagement and class room management and instructional. Three primary goals of the the evaluation process consist of;
Goal 1: Improve preparation for secondary teachers entering high-needs school districts.
Goal 2: Increase retention of new secondary school teachers entering a high-needs districts.
Goal 3: Establish sustainable collaborative mechanisms for continuing renewal. When referring to improving preparation for secondary teacher entering high-need school districts it is important to make sure the
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Urban school usually have a lack of supportive technology and resources. This causes the student to fall behind. For example in many urban schools does not have the proper material for the student to complete their science project. As far as dissecting goes a lot of these student have never dissected anything or completed a virtual lab. One of the key ways for someone to learn is by hands on activities. Another factor is cultural influences which consist of structural challenges that are below expectations. Case Studies stated that “teacher in urban schools districts can feel overwhelmed by what they consider to be the high needs of their students, and thus lower their own expectation for the students’ performance (Fine 1991). However when student expectation are raised some students will step up to the challenge and attempt to be one of the best. Although it is not easy to set high standards there still need to be some type of challenge to help these students. All student are able to learn even though all students learn in a different way. However in order to guarantee the success of all student it is important to make sure all of these cultural dissonance issues are …show more content…
Establish strong relationships between the teacher, parents, and students to improve behavior and achievement.
5. Establish a partnership with the stakeholders and the parent.
The first task with achieve clarity of the school mission that focuses on cultivating talent, confidence and equal opportunities for all students is very vital to the learning process. In urban schools they must adopt a mission and purpose for the school to ensure success for all schools. This way by implementing cultivating talents, confidence and equal opportunity is the best way to help build a student character.
The second task is to explain school success. This will targets the individual ability to achieve success while in school. It will show the students ability to navigate within a schema that may differ from their cultural norms learned in their environment. Therefore the school must instill in all student the important of education and teach every student to “DREAM BIG”. This way the student will learn to not practice their cultural norm and learn that their dreams can become a

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