The Obesity Rate Of Hawaii Essays

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While living in paradise, citizens of Honolulu tend to eat out and dine at their local favored restaurant, eating their signature items. While not caring about what they put in their mouth, customers would eat away. This holds a problem because of the amount of sodium these restaurants put to enhance their flavors in their dishes. Because more and more are becoming lazy, the rate of obesity has increased in the state of Hawaii. The reason people tend to eat out more is because they do not know how to cook themselves. If we teach the people of Hawaii Basic cooking techniques, it will help save money, and reduce the obesity rate down to where it was back in the 1990’s or lower. In 25 years, the obesity rates has increased by 13.8%, which doesn’t seem like a lot to a lot of people, but being a state that has the lowest obesity rate really says a lot about what we are consuming nowadays. In “Hawaii news now,” Tonya St. John explains that the rate of obesity doubles to 40.8% if we look at native Hawaiians and states that “if our whole state was 40 percent, we would be the most obese state in the nation” (Joaquin). She states if because of the fact that Hawaii is a very diverse state with variety of ethnic groups which therefore makes the obesity number look smaller. Although our goal is to reduce the rate of obesity and start making a habit of eating at home instead of going out; Ray sagum, a gym owner assert that “if they are eating bad all the time, you can’t just make them…

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