The Nuclear Theory And The Atomic Theory Essay

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The Atomic Theory The atomic theory serves as the basic foundation for the study of matter; it is of major importance to the study of Chemistry. The atomic theory has an interesting and lengthy history that shall be discussed. Furthermore, it has been perfected and discussed by many chemists over a number of years; all of their brilliant minds put together into one. There have been drastic changes to the atomic structure in modern times, proving we still do not know everything. Technology plays a major role in these scientific discoveries pertaining to the atomic theory, there will be more on that. All of this information is important; however, it is vital to know the importance of the atomic theory and understanding the atomic theory thoroughly. First of all, the atomic theory has a long history that dates back to 400 BCE. The drastic story begins with two Greek Philosophers: Democritus and Leucippus. These two men hypothesized that the world is made of tiny particles called atoms, or atomon. However, not every speculation Democritus and Leucippus made is completely right, they were off on some specific details.. Nevertheless, the fundamental of everything being made of atoms and their movement were correct and later was built upon. They made the bottom of the base for the atomic theory. Then came along Antoine Lavoisier. Throughout the years of 1772 through 1794, he discovered the law of conservation of matter. He noticed that mass seemed to be conserved when…

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