The Nothing Essay

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Xinyuan He
ESL112 C
Jill Tschopp Huang
Spring 2016
Mobile Devices Should Be Allowed in Schools In classrooms, teachers always repeat that: “Please put your phones in your backpacks.” It is a well known truth that many schools prohibit the use of mobile devices like smart phones and iPads in class. Some experts and teachers believe that mobile devices can be very distractive and affect learning in a negative way. However, others argue that there are still some advantages of adoption of mobile devices in class that overweigh its disadvantages. Compare the argument from both sides, it is reasonable to adopt mobile devices like smart phones and iPads in class since mobile devices can help boost students’ learning, make
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Last but not the least, mobile devices have the same function in classrooms as personal computers while helping students’ learning, but is cheaper, more achievable and convenient than personal computers. In the article Schools Seeks Balance for Cellphones in Class, the writer pointed out that according to a Pew Research Center study released in April, 88 percent of the American teenagers can use a mobile devices and most of them have their own smart phones. These statistics mean that many students have access to mobile devices and this situation provide the possibility for students to do the work that was done by computers which are heavier and more difficult to get by using mobile devices like tablets which are lighter and more achievable. For example, in the CS lectures, students can use their own tablets instead of the laptops to follow the professor’s instructions to do the programming to understand the instruction better. ③
There also exist some opposite arguments. Some critics point out that students can not focus when having a smart phone available to them. According to Linda Matchan (2015), a survey finds that students who do not have access to smart phone achieved a higher score than the students who have access to smart phones, so they drew a conclusion that smart phones

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