Essay about The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks

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The Notebook
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a very heartwarming book which became a classic love movie. It is about a never ending passion of love. One magical summer night at the carnival a young and passionate man Noah falls in love with a rich young women named Allie. They were from different social backgrounds Noah was from the country and Allie was from the city. They had to say goodbye but each other remained in his and her heart for the next fourteen years.
The Notebook stars Ryan Gosling as Noah, Rachel McAdams as Allie, James Garner as Duke, and Gena Rowlands as Allie Calhoun. (Imbd) At the beginning of the movie at a modern day nursing home, an elderly man named Duke begins to read a romantic story from his notebook to a fellow patient who has memory loss. Duke beings to read the story that began in the 1940’s in Seabrook Island South Carolina. It talks about this country boy name Noah and a city girl name Allie. Noah and Allie fall madly in love with one another. They spend every day together during the summer after Noah would get off work. Noah gave Allie a sense of freedom that she never had before she met him. Allies parents disapproved of Noah because they wanted their daughter to be with someone who can support her in their lifestyle. Sadly Noah can’t give them that lifestyle that they expect for Allie. Noah only works a lumber yard and only makes 50 cents per hour. Unlike Allies dad who is the richest man in the town and who is high up in the social…

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