Shrek Archetypal Hero Analysis

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Shrek an Archetypal hero
“Ogre’s are like onions.” According to the ogre Shrek, “They have layers.” They also smell disgusting and eat whatever dead carcass’s they can find. People that live in the village’s see ogres as big, hideous monsters. They often hunt and try to plot on sabotaging him. Shrek likes to live in complete solitude. He lives in a tree trunk located in a swamp. His door is made of wood and the door mat made of wooden fence panels. Although, his place where he chooses to call home is not the most preferred. He keeps his domain very tidy and organized. How can such a monster be considered a hero? Shrek embarks on a journey that makes him a true archetypal hero.
Beginning in an ordinary world, Shrek encounters a talking donkey. Stunningly, the donkey was not intimidated by Shrek as most people are. Shrek tried everything he possibly could do to discourage the donkey and scare him away. Donkey ignored Shrek’s attempts and proceeded to walk with Shrek back to his swamp.
Upon arriving home, he receives a call to adventure. He had found it had been invaded by squatters. Shrek is outraged. He had never had people
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Princess Fiona was very disappointed to meet the Lord. He was not what she expected. A long, dark haired, short in height man was carried off his horse and sat on the ground by his guards. It was getting late and Princess Fiona needed loves first kiss soon to break her spell. She suggests an immediate wedding ceremony for the two. When the wedding started and everything was in motion a dragon interrupted with a love struck Shrek and his beloved friend Donkey. They came to save the princess from making a mistake and marring the wrong man. Shrek loved Fiona for being a princess or whoever. He loved everything about her. Her voice soothed his soul and lit a spark in a heart he never knew existed. His love was unconditional and something he had never experienced

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