Essay about The No Child Left Behind Act

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The No Child Left Behind Act was signed it into law on January 2002 and quickly became a topic of controversy. It was the 7th reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 which set funds in the hopes of providing each child with fair and equal opportunities. No Child Left Behind made a state issued standardized tests mandatory for schools receive these funds. Each year each grade must show improvement by meeting objectives of Adequate Yearly Progress, a measurement based on the results on standardized tests. Failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress objectives enforces action to improve it. After six years however, the school is effectively closed until their state takes further action. It was hoped these high stakes would produce high scores. By 2004 however, a third of the nation was failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress objectives and most officials expected that number to continue to grow. Rebellion towards the new testing standards grew in many states. Change did not come until 2009 when President Obama announced Race to the Top initiative as part American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to quell the 2008 recession. This was a competitive grant only given to states that showed the greatest amount of innovation and reform towards education, namely with new standardized tests. It is these new standardize tests that have evolved beyond its roots as a way to measure a student’s progress and performance; now falsely reflecting a school’s quality and…

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