The No Child Left Behind Act Essay examples

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The No Child Left Behind Act is a federal law that was passed to help improve the education system in America. The key provisions of this law are State assessments, adequate yearly progress (AYP), schools identified for improvement, public school choice, supplemental education services, corrective actions, restructuring, highly qualified teachers, and use of research based practices. States must implement annual state assessments in reading and mathematics in grades 3-8 and at least once in grades 10-12, and in science at least once in each of three grade spans: 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12. Assessments must be aligned with challenging state content and academic achievement standards. States must provide for participation of all students, including students with disabilities and limited English proficient (LEP) students. States must set annual targets that will lead to the goal of all students’ reaching proficiency in reading and mathematics by 2013-14. For each measure of school performance, states must include absolute targets that must be met by key subgroups of students including major racial/ethnic groups, low-income students, students with disabilities, and LEP students. To make AYP, schools and districts must meet annual targets for each student subgroup in the school, and must test 95 percent of students in each subgroup. States also must define an “other academic indicator” that schools must meet in addition to proficiency targets on state assessments. Title I schools and…

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