The New Trend For Parents Essay examples

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Religion, it’s a simple word that seems to control a vast amount of lives around the world. However, many people today are starting to say they don’t believe in an almighty power. The new trend for parents is to not enforce the lord in the household and to have a freethinking lifestyle. Many Christian protestors debate if not believing in a higher power is realistic, yet what many don’t understand is that everyone is different and has their own opinions and entitlements. Strong Christian believers also say that the freethinking parents aren’t giving their children a chance to speak for themselves or to express what they feel is right or wrong. On the other side, the freethinking parents say that they never pressure or enforce that they don’t believe in god. In today’s society children sometimes never know what to choose, therefore, they turn to their parents for advice. Young teens, college students and even elderly-aged adults tend to find a way to revolve back to the opinions of their parents. To an extent, parents opinions are an influence to our opinions, however as we grow up away from parents, we experience outside forces, which either bring us closer or farther away from God. In high school, young teens are just starting to fend for themselves, be on their own, and make their own decisions. During this time it’s challenging to balance work, school and a social life, but what about a God? Where does he fall into this difficult time? Some will attend a youth group…

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