The New Therapy Technique For Depression Essay example

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In the study about the new therapy technique for depression, the confounds that might have impacted the findings were maturation and mortality effect. The mortality effect refers to any loss of participants from your sample. The health magazine state that out of the 50 subjects, only 29 were left after nine months. It would be difficult to determine the impact of the technique on the subjects, because the people that dropped out may have represented an important subgroup in a larger population (Jackson, 2012). Given the length of the study, the participants may have been affected by the maturation effect confounding factor (Jackson, 2012). It is possible that the changes recorded in the study represent the passage of time and not the effect of the independent variable over the dependent variable.
True experiments tend to be very strong in terms of internal validity (Jackson, 2012). In order to conduct a true experiment, it is necessary to manipulate the independent variable in order to determine whether it does in fact have an influence on the dependent variable (Fan, 2010). Manipulation, then, entails intervening in a situation to determine which of two or more things happens to subjects (Fan, 2010). Internal validity is the extent to which the result is the experiment can be attributed to manipulation of the independent variable and not the confounding variable (Trochim & Donnelly, 2008). Internal validity is important because data must be valid, reliable, and bias free…

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