The New Modern Tools Used By Millennials Essay example

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No2ta millennials see life from another perspective than their parents, they differ in the way of working, communicating, playing, and even loving. The new modern tools used by millennials are a reason for why a lot of people consider them a lazy generation that is not ready to make a real change into the world. In his article “Meet the First Digital Generation. Now Get Ready To Play By Their Rules” Adler states “millennials consume so much media they can’t concentrate, torn as they are between texting, posting on Facebook, and watching YouTube”, Adler then continues to admit that “Technology has shaped not just how they navigate the world but how they see themselves”. Internet and videogames have redefined teenagers thinking and shaped how millennials minds strategize about life. A 2009 survey for the Pew Research Center reveals that three among every four Americans believe that today’s youth are less virtuous and industrious than their elders; a lot of societies may consider that today new youth generation is less productive and not ready to occupy jobs neither to take real responsibilities, others however were gone far to consider millennials as a possible danger for society. “They are the most threatening and exciting generation since the baby boomers brought about social revolution, not because they are trying to take over the establishment but because they’re growing without one”, Stein says, then continues to illustrate “You’ve seen them at bars, sitting to one…

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