The New Greatest Generation Analysis

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There is a generation that is 80 million strong and who are pioneering the start of a new millennium. The people of this generation are called the Millennials. The advances in new technologies and ways of growing up has set this group apart from all generations before them. Many think of them as entitled, lazy and narcissistic. Yet, the true identities of this group are just starting to be revealed. They are the most diverse and open minded generation. They show a lot of potential and could someday change the world for the better. Have you ever considered the reasoning behind the actions of the people who were born from the year 1980-2000? A writer for TIME magazine, Joel Stein, does a wonderful job describing the millennials for who they truly are in his article “The New Greatest Generation”. He shows that they have faults, but through their faults they have potential to become the next greatest generation. While in Jean Twenge’s article, “Generation Me”, she …show more content…
Now that connection is available 24/7, millennials will spend time outside of school or work and get the homework that is needed done. Joel Stein (2013) stated that “millennials are interacting all day but through a screen” (p. 29). With unlimited time and resources available to them, they can become well informed and knowledgeable about specific topics of interest. Millennials are also very good at making brand names accessible to others and known about. They can use their social media and other resources to express their opinions about a certain brand or event. By reading what others thought, millennials save time and effort getting into situations that could have an unfavorable outcome. They have figured out ways to contact people all over the world, if they want to know how to speak mandarin, they can facetime someone native to the language to learn. Through this, millennials have become more diverse and open-minded to those around

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