The Pros And Cons Of The Millennials

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Will the Millennials change the future for the better? Well it is not as simple as that, everyone as the potential for great good and great evil and everything in between. Millennials are still devolving their futures and mapping their lives out, deciding what roads or paths to take. Some may take longer than others but most of them will make it, just like most of the Boomers made it, and generation before them. They are changing things for the better as all young adults always will and always have. Any societal change an entire generation faces seems bizarre, whether it’s positive or negative is up to personal interpretation. The most recent change always seems to be a problem because it is new, but all generations are the same; the only difference …show more content…
Sometimes millennials are just sitting on their phones watching funny cat videos and scrolling twitter, but what is so wrong with that. During leisure time some Boomers sit in front of their televisions vegging out for hours at a time, so why do they look down on millennials for scrolling twitter on their phones? Not everyone has the same interests. The millennials have introduced a wide field of usage for technology. Millennials have integrated technology in all parts of their lives including school, work, and during leisure time. Can’t remember who the president was in 1932, Google it. Want to see the face of a loved one that is overseas, Skype them. Instead of paying an outrageous fee of $427 for a mechanic to replace a rotor, instead google how to do it and on pay only $27. Nearly everything a person could ever want to know is on the internet. The plethora of knowledge on the internet is …show more content…
They care for kids being bullied, they care for the children is Syria being bombed, they care for the earth humans are destroying. So they try and fix these things, little by little, by doing everything they can do to stop them. One voice isn’t very loud, but they stand together trying to fix these issues. They pick up garbage, try and get more people and businesses to recycle. They are trying to reduce their carbon foot print by riding bikes to work and school, which also eliminates the need for a gym member ship. They teach kids about how bad bulling is, and how it hurts people’s feelings, they protest the bombings in Syria in hopes that together their voices will be loud enough to be heard. They plant trees to help with deforestation; “46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year—equivalent to 36 football fields every minute” (Deforestation). That is juristic, and humans need to change. Approximately eight million tons of garbage is dumped into the ocean each year, animals get caught in said garage and suffocate constantly. Millennials are socially and environmentally

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