The New Army Event Paper

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The new Army event paper
The greatest fighting force in the world has a systematic way of instructing new recruits in the so called basic training, but our armed forces has adapted so much in today’s world. From Full Metal Jacket to the new Army so much has changed on how recruits are treated. I remember my first day coming out that yellow bus March 2016, the good ole shark attack that scared most of us and tired us was enough to make us think that this was going to be the worse 4 months of our lives. Well that’s what we thought but looking back, it was not as bad as we think. Has the Military gone weak? As young adults we don’t like getting screamed at by another adult and not being able to do nothing because well we want to serve our country. We face so many threats from so many country it is vital to train volunteers to be more than the best fighting force of the world but to be the best that ever existed. I am not saying it was the easiest experience of my life but it I definitely expected it more crucial. When being trained it is important to be tough and strict to enjoin our soldiers the importance of our seven army values to be disciplined and ready to fight. When the army lacks in training recruits in basic training, Volunteers start to get comfortable with our military regulations. For example if there is a drill sergeant who does not emphasize the need of being physically solid, that soldier in the future would then start to gain weight and not be deployable in a…

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