The Netflix Business Model

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There once was a time when watching a television show viewers loved the suspense of waiting another week to see the next episode. With the change in technology viewers no longer have to wait that long. With the change in technology viewers no longer have the suspense of waiting a week for the next episode. There are many people who don’t mind sitting down in front of the television, tablet, or computer screen and watch an entire season, that consist of 10 plus episodes, of a specific TV show in one sitting. When streaming services such as; Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime were introduced to the world; it made watching an entire season in one sitting easier to happen. In 2013- Netflix conducted a survey, the majority of respondents defined binge-watching …show more content…
Netflix made the Forbe’s World’s Most Innovative Company List. Netflix business model is based on a subscription service that provides home delivery of DVD rental and streaming of movies and TV shows (Allen, 2014). Netflix is one of the top media streaming services for several reasons. Netflix doesn 't stop at just movies, it has a variety of selection. They have original TV shows, reality shows, cartoons, and standup comedy. Another reason Netflix is so successful is when TV shows get canceled they pick them up. That reels in the viewers that enjoyed those shows and do not have any other choice but to get Netflix if they want to continue to watch that TV show. Netflix is a worldwide service and that’s one of the top reason for it a success. Netflix is cheaper than any TV-plan, for less than 10 dollars a month you can get a subscription for Netflix. The success of Netflix has other networks like Comcast, Dish Network, and Direct TV reaching out to launch their own streaming service. Treating their employees like grown-ups is Netflix main key to becoming so successful. Chief Talent Officer Tawni Cranz for Netflix wrote that we want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances. Although it’s one big company depending on what department you work in you don’t have the same benefits. An employee that works in the streaming division is salaried employees. While if you’re employee working in the DVD and customer service division you’re getting paid hourly. Netflix introduced their parental leave policy but not all employees get to receive this benefit. The policy will allow new parents unlimited time off that they want during the first year when the child is

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