The Negative Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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For many years, people of all genders and ages have turned to plastic surgery to help with imperfections on their body. In certain situations, plastic surgery is needed. For instance, if someone gets in a crash and need a nose job to fix a problem then fix it. To try and enhance features on a body seems wrong and ,most of the time, unneeded. Plastic surgery can be expensive, provide a bad image for younger men and women, and most effects are not reversible. The first documented cosmetic surgery procedure was in 1895(History of Plastic Surgery). Knowing this information, it is common sense that the procedure, probably, was not cheap. For most, plastic surgery was only for the rich and if you absolutely needed it. In the 2000’s, “normal” …show more content…
This lady in New England had this traumatic experience with breast augmentation. She paid $10,796 in order to have her breasts enlarged but instead had a botched procedure. The point here is that no one needs to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery when that is what they look like for a reason.
Everyone wants the best for their child. What if one day they come up and say they want lip injections because Kylie Jenner has them? Or a nose job because Cameron Diaz has had one? A lot of famous actors, singers, directors, and many more have had some sort of cosmetic surgery. The modern era shows that plastic surgery is the answer to an imperfection. If a talent agent saw Jennifer Aniston’s nose before she got a nose job, would she have gotten her acting gigs? Probably not. Just because something is a little bit unproportioned does not mean anyone is unable to go after their dreams. Parents encourage their children to love how they look because that 's how they were made. Children of all ages what to looks like their favorite actor beaches they are perfect. Well all
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Question one asked “Would you change anything about your body?” all ten said yes. Question two said “Would you rather cosmetically change how you look or naturally?” all said naturally, if possible. Question three asked “Can you feel confident without plastic surgery?” all said yes, some even said of course.Question four said “Personally, would you have plastic surgery done on your body?” all said no, unless in a crash or accident of some sort. This information backs up most things written in this essay. In the words of Favian Reyes “I do not understand why people would make themselves

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