The Negative Effects Of Legalizing Marijuana

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The United States government claims that they govern this country using their best judgment, but if this is true, why would they allow citizens to participate in gaining respiratory problems, damaging brain cells, and increasing the risk for mental health problems. The government allows all of this by legalizing marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is increasing between states and needs to be stopped immediately. Marijuana is a dangerous drug with eternal effects and should remain illegal in the United States. To begin with, the only reason that the government legalizes something as unsafe as marijuana is to please the people in a minority and to achieve more money through taxes. The legalization for marijuana began with only legalizing …show more content…
Several negative psychological effects that weed can cause are anxiety, depression, panic, and paranoia. Studies have proven that long term use of cannabis or marijuana destroys dopamine. Dopamine helps tell the brain when something exciting is about to happen. This is why when some people are “high” they are serene and lose sense of urgency or feelings. One effect that marijuana has on most users is that it causes increased heart rate. A normal person 's heart rate is seventy to eighty beats per minute, when someone uses marijuana their heart rate increases between twenty and fifty more beats per minute. In some cases it has been proven that users heart rates have even doubled. When a persons’ heart rate increases the rest of their body has to work that much harder to keep up with the increased rate. This faster rate puts people at a much greater risk for heart attacks. In addition, experimenting with weed can lead to damage in one’s brain. There are also negative immediate effects due to this drug. These immediate effects could include disruption of thinking ability, disruption to tasks involving movement or muscular activity, or even affecting memory. Marijuana can slow down its users learning process. Research has shown that cannabis users recalled significantly fewer location-action combinations than non-users in a video based prospective memory task experiment. Research shows that cannabis has a detrimental effect on prospective memory ability

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