The Negative Effect Of Video Games Essay

1951 Words May 1st, 2016 8 Pages
The Negative Effect of Video Games In today’s day-in-age, electronics are everywhere. Most people want to own some sort of technology based item if they do not already. The biggest possible television, the newest computer, MP3 players, and, especially, the newest gaming console. These are all things that are to be considered luxury “must-haves” by a vast majority of the United States. Video games have become a big part of everyday life for some. Although video games make up a great deal of today’s entertainment market, there are people who argue that violence in video games is having a negative effect on the consumers. Name calling, enraged screaming, physical encounters, and Others argue that video games themselves do not have a negative effect on the people that play them, rather that the consumer themselves are already acting in a violent manner. Regardless of what side, there are many people who are questioning the effects that violent video games may have on consumers and those around them. The aggression caused by violent video games has become a real problem. This aggression can range from shouting at a screen in anger to violent acts against other people of society. To ensure that this problem is resolved, more restrictions should be placed on the ability to play these video games. Video games have been around for more than fifty years with the first video game being patented and developed in 1948. Video gaming has come a long way since its first introduction to…

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