The Needs Of Students As A Special Education Classroom Essay

714 Words Dec 6th, 2015 3 Pages
I think I have learned so much from this experience about the needs of students when they are in second grade. I saw how the students were given more independent time during this grade level then lower levels. I also noticed that they are still young enough that they need to be redirected and helped through projects. I believe by watching Mrs. Belles conduct her class in this way made me realize that I really like second grade. I think the one thing that stuck with me the most is how Mrs.Belles meets all of her students needs. She had a good amount of children with disabilities in her class and she managed to make every single one of them successful. This just proved to me that I do not only have to be in a special education classroom to make an impact on these children who have disabilities.
In Mrs.Belles there was so much structure and organization that there was never a moment when the student were not working. I thought that was amazing since at that age children are still learning the basics of school. I think since Mrs.Belles makes her students so accountable for both there work and behaviors. She does this by having them do the Daily 5 Folders with all of the instruction and expectations of what they need to complete that day. The Daily 5 Folders is something I will be relocating for my classroom in the future for sure. I learned that by making your students accountable of their actions and work they will be more will to work for you and will make things run…

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