Essay on The Need For Health Promotion

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The Need for Health Promotion
Recently at Shadow Health Hospital, this nurse came across a patient, we will call TJ, who had an infected, slow healing wound on her foot. TJ is 28 year old African American woman, 170 cm tall, 90 kg and body mass index (BMI) of 31, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes four years ago. It was evident from the onset of meeting TJ that she wasn’t a very compliant patient, in terms of self-assessing her blood sugar or taking her medication. Due to her lack of compliance, she displayed very poor glycemic control, there were plenty of both subjective and objective data supporting this.
During her health history upon admission TJ provided ample amounts of subjective evidence that presented her failure to properly control her blood sugar levels. First and foremost, TJ admitted that she not only rarely checked her blood sugar but when she did the “numbers were always all over the place” and “she wasn’t really sure what they meant”. Secondly, she stated some symptoms that are common when blood sugar levels are out of control. TJ stated that of late she has been “really thirsty” and urinating more than normal. Polydipsia and polyuria are telltale indications of hyperglycemia. Additionally, the patient admitted that while she has felt increasingly hungry and eating more she has been losing weight; this too, is highly indicative of an elevated sugar lever.
Further assessing of TJ also led this nurse to uncover objective data of her poor glycemic…

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