Essay on The Nature Vs. Nurture

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This essay looks at the nature vs. nurture aspect of intelligence and the purpose of this research is to identify what role every part plays in deciding the intelligence behind this science. This paper will clarify at what degree the genetic qualities (nature) and environmental factors (nurture) will impact an individual 's life. This research for the most part mirrors the work of essential sources while making determinations that it takes from both perspectives of nature (science, hereditary qualities) and nurture (ecological components, society) to decide how intelligence impacts us. Evidence of genetic influences was found for all measures but also shared that natural environmental factors were as vital as hereditary qualities in intelligence.

The nature vs. nurture has been a controversial debate in the field of psychology for decades now. Nature mainly pertains to genes and hereditary factors that influence who we are and nurture, however, refers to all the environmental factors. Some scientist believe that humans behave differently due to their genetic predispositions, while others believe that it’s the environmental factors that play a role in their lives. The purpose of this essay is to examine to what extent genetics and environmental factors play a part on our intelligence. The question we ask is, are we born with intelligence or do we gain intelligence after birth due to environmental factors? The term intelligence is the capacity for learning, and…

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