The Nature Of God And The Trinity Essay

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The Nature of God and the Trinity begins for the human race with the being of creation. For Christians this starts with the Bible chapter of Genesis. Many people in this world though do not know or understand the concept of God and his nature and cannot see how God becomes three different entities all in one; The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit making the trinity. In theory by reading the word of God, one can begin to understand the application in the nature of God. However, still may not begin to understand the love or relationship with God until internal salvation is reached. Thus, only beginning to understand that God is really a trinity working together as one. Theologically we cannot define of the nature of God, for he is the creator. The only way as humans we can define our creator is to discover and study is the teaching of the word of God though reading passages in the Holy Bible. By doing so we discover what kind of creator God is. For instance, do we as newborn children have a definition of our parents? The answer is no; we have to grow into the relationship to understand who they are. The same is with God. By reading his word and learning his teachings we learn who he is and have to trust in him; that his ways are better then ours.
The biblical foundation of the nature of God starts in Genesis chapter 1, where we see the very first nature God resembles. He creates the heavens and the Earth, and goes on to fill it with light and darkness, water and land,…

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